Empowered Youth,
Prosperous Palestine.



We invest in our teachers for
a creative generation of learners.

We believe in giving back to Palestine and a sense of responsibility towards it; and in the importance of investing in the Palestinian Individual; and that education and learning are the way forward.

“We are aware that the world is constantly changing, that’s why we’re not just trying to keep with the world today, but rather leapfrog the status quo and prepare a generation that is consciously forging a path towards the future, representing a competitive force to be reckoned with at a global level.”

Dr. Nabil Qaddumi
Qaddumi Foundation Chairman

Dr. Nabil Qaddumi
Qaddumi Foundation Chairman

What do we do?

We create communities of change agents

To achieve the impact we aspire to, we strive to create communities of change agents through our initiatives, the Hani Qaddumi Fund and Khutwa. Through the interaction of these communities and their work on their ground, they create impact in many areas and a powerful ripple effect of change.

How do we work?

We work through initiatives

Our foundation is an incubator of initiatives that act as platforms around our clear vision, with each initiative taking a particular direction and focusing on a specific mission it seeks to achieve.

Hani Qaddumi Fund

One of our initiatives that focuses on empowering Palestinian youth to be an effective part of the workforce today and tomorrow.


One of our initiatives that focuses on the future generation of youth to become lifelong learners.

Our Impact

Yesterday we supported them…
today our community is thriving…
and tomorrow we see their impact on the ground

Our impact is the accumulation of the achievements of our community members, their work on the ground, and their various journeys in their communities. We see our impact in their work as active individuals in their communities and their impact on many fields and on other people, bringing us closer to our vision of “Empowered Youth, Prosperous Palestine”.

Our Vision

Empowered Youth,
Prosperous Palestine

Our vision is ambitious, and the challenge ahead is undoubtedly great. To achieve it, we must work together as Palestinian individuals and institutions with a resilient, collaborative spirit to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the generations of today and tomorrow. By working together, we can prepare a generation that is capable of shaping the future of Palestine, and is able to achieve sustainable development and prosperity for all in Palestine